Letter from Christina

Dear Friend,

The books I recommend are based on the scientific method of dream interpretation, which translates dream messages precisely, providing free psychotherapy to the dreamer. This method cures all mental illnesses, even those that are deemed impossible to cure, like psychosis and schizophrenia. Psychotherapy for these illnesses takes a long time and requires a lot of effort on the part of the psychotherapist and the patient.

However, it is a miraculous solution for cases that seemed impossible to cure and it actually helps the patient recover, at least partially, the human side of their conscience, even if that conscience has been destroyed by the violent, wild side of the conscious mind that imposes craziness on it.

During a period that may vary from 6 to 8 months, the human side of the conscience can aid the development of the atrophied psychological functions. Because of this development, the Scientific Method of Dream Interpretation guarantees the cure of simpler mental illnesses and absurd symptoms like:

• Depression
• Neurosis
• Phobias
• Anxiety
• Stress
• Panic





I waited to present my work to the public for 19 years because of the dangers of using psychotherapy without sufficient understanding. A lot of people doubted my work because I’m not a traditionally qualified psychologist, even though I have almost 20 years of experience in this specialty of dream translation, and most traditionally qualified psychologists do not. But as they realized how much I have accomplished they began to understand that the work I do is real. I don’t care for prestige or money the way that some psychologists and psychiatrists do, for me it’s about the work.

I spent 19 years of my life studying and writing. I also cured many people. I asked for nothing in return for my sacrifice because I really wanted to figure out how to give humanity psychological well being. It was never about getting rich or famous, but really focusing on the solution.

I understand that people are afraid of psychotherapists because they don’t know whether they can trust them. And they are right to be cautious. There are many psychotherapists that actually cause more problems for their patients than they solve.

Craziness is a strange disease that defies explanation. None of our current approaches to psychotherapy usually cure it. Even neurotic patients are not cured with psychotherapy, which is really a shame because the cure for neurosis is simple once you learn how to follow the guidance of the wise unconscious by paying attention to your dreams.

All I am doing is advocating the psychotherapy of dream interpretation which is both safe and totally free. Anyone can have access to it by learning how to interpret their dreams correctly. The method behind translating dream symbology was discovered by Carl Jung when he was carrying out his research into the uncharted regions of the human psychic sphere.

I have simplified it so that it is easy to learn and follow.

Jung could not continue this research in his day, and he was right to abandon his journey through the human psychic sphere because the knowledge he had at that point was not sufficient to fight the kind of chronic craziness that I suffered; I battled schizophrenia while I explored and mastered dream interpretation.

We can each explore our psyche according to our needs and depending upon our resistance levels. The dream-producing unconscious knows how we can learn and what we can endure as individuals.

It is the unconscious mind, not the psychotherapist, that translates dream messages. The unconscious is the real doctor - so, the doctor is perfect. It’s not just some ignorant human being. That’s why psychotherapy through dream interpretation is absolutely safe.

The unconscious knows exactly what each of us needs to understand, and what we need to do in order to be cured. It’s an organ that never fails and can be trusted completely.

Jung didn’t trust the unconscious as completely as I do because he didn’t understand that evil and sanctity cannot coexist, and that craziness comes from the wild side of the human conscience and not from the unconscious.

The unconscious is saintly and wise, not so the wild conscience. The wild conscience forms the largest part of the human conscience. It is this violent, demoniac aspect of the wild conscience that seeks to destroy the human side of the conscience.

I waited a long time to share my work with the world, but my solution is absolutely safe. The dream translation that I provide is accurate and has been proven by the progress that dreamers make. Its validity is supported by the confirmation the dreamer receives when subsequent dreams follow the same themes.

This is not my method, but rather that of Carl Jung himself. He is the one who discovered that we can translate dream messages precisely. However, since he did not know about the existence of the wild conscience, he was not able to interpret dreams as clearly as I can today. For Jung, there were still many dark and confusing areas, whereas for me, everything is clear and well defined.

The important point is that this method can definitively cure you because this is the safest method of psychotherapy that exists. Furthermore, you don’t need to pay a fortune to a psychotherapist. You only need to buy my ebook, Dream Interpretation as a Science, receiving Craziness Prevention as a bonus, and learn how to interpret your dreams by yourself – a skill you will keep for the rest of your life.

My story
I was just like you a long time ago, when I started seeking help for my own depression. My son was an infant, my mother-in-law had just passed away and my father-in-law was living with us. I had to cook and maintain our home for everyone and I was a totally inexperienced housewife.

I was irritated all the time and was totally devastated when I lost both my mother–in-law, who was an angel, and my beloved cousin, who was only 18 years old, within a short period of time.

Everything was horrible and I plummeted into the depths of depression. I was afraid of the future. The only good thing in my life was my baby.
However, even what was good in my life reminded me of pain. I was pained that my mother-in-law passed away without seeing her grandchild she was so eagerly waiting to see.

I wondered if I was going crazy. I was always afraid of craziness, because my father had been schizophrenic. When I experienced other tragedies in my life I became even more fearful of it.

I couldn’t understand what was happening in my life.

I needed help. I could not pay for treatment with a psychotherapist at that time, so I looked for my own solutions. I wanted to understand how I could help myself without going to a therapist for an indefinite length of time and paying a fortune for treatment.

I went back to reading books on psychology. Years before, I had read Freud’s book about the meaning of our dreams and learned that dreams had a powerful message. I also studied the works of Carl Jung and other world-renowned experts.

I learned that all psychologists give great importance to the meaning of our dreams. Since I had experienced many strange dreams, I wondered if knowing more about my dreams could help me find solutions to my problems, when things were not going my way.

The solution to my problems: Dream Interpretation
The more I studied my dreams, the more I got the feeling that dreams held the key to my life. I gradually evolved my own techniques for dream interpretation.

By learning how to interpret dreams, I also developed the ability to sometimes predict the future and be prepared to either face the reality or change it beforehand. During my research in dream interpretation, I understood why people suffer and how we all can find happiness.

Discovering Health, Peace and Happiness
As I continued with my research in dream interpretation and I applied my findings in my own life, I found that my physical, mental and emotional health were progressively improving.

Because I interpreted my dreams, I could cure myself of all my mental ills by obeying the directions I received from the helpful unconscious wisdom that produces all our dreams.

Spreading the knowledge
Over time, I realized that the knowledge I had acquired and the techniques I had evolved could be put to use for the benefit of others. I started advising people on overcoming their problems using my techniques of dream interpretation and found considerable success.

Using my methods, you can discover and enjoy your true self too! You will understand how to lead a happy life instead of being afflicted with depression and other psychological problems. The happy result of my arduous research provides you with a road map, which you can follow in order to improve your life.

I am one hundred percent confident that if you are depressed, desperate or in the grip of any emotional problem, you will find relief and support!

Best regards,

Christina Sponias




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From Depression to Positivity - How to Eliminate Your Negative Thoughts and Feel Better

When you are depressed you can only have negative thoughts.

How can you help yourself and feel better? How can you believe in anything positive?

You even feel ridiculous when you try to believe in something that is different from the situation you are in now.

Some people manage to believe, but common people don't. This is an illusion. When you are feeling so weak and sad that nothing can help you feel better, positivity is something unreal: of course it cannot be a part of your mind.

However, if you do manage to believe that you'll feel better and everything will change for you, you really start feeling better.

How can you start believing this?

Only wisdom can help you, because it has the power to calm your desperate spirit. Wisdom cures your soul by revealing the meaning of life and death.

Suddenly, you will understand how ignorant you are and how much you have to learn before you can form your opinion and judge what is happening to you.

The wisdom of the unconscious that produces your dreams is the key to reach another level of knowledge and sensitivity. You will be compensated for your suffering and transform it into an important lesson for future generations.

This is the best possibility you have in order to achieve wisdom, after developing your conscience and becoming more intelligent; on the other hand, if you simply read books about many subjects you cannot be really helped if you are depressed: you need guidance. The unconscious mind is a real doctor, always at your disposition. It will give support and help you transform your psyche and improve your life.

This way, dream interpretation is a bridge for you. You cannot pass directly from depression to positivity.

The wisdom of the unconscious and your basic psychotherapy will help you build courage and faith. Your developed intelligence will greatly help you in many ways, and you'll find many solutions for your life that you cannot even imagine since you are so ignorant and confused.

This is not utopia, but a reality. Many people have already found relief this way.


Dreams Meaning - Exact Proven Scientific Translations

There are too many dream interpreters and too many methods of dream interpretation, but none of them can assure you that they have really translated the exact meaning of each symbol that appeared in your dreams. They may somehow tell you what the symbol may mean, without explaining to you anything about the way they found their answers and without completely trusting their interpretation. Everyone is confused in this matter.

When I was searching the dreams' meaning, I had great difficulty in finding the method that could really help me. I looked for all the existing scientific methods because I understood that each psychologist gives importance to our dreams. The dreams seemed to be an important source of information, but I couldn't translate their language in order to understand their messages.

Many people want to learn the dreams' meaning because they believe that their dreams can make predictions and give them important information about many things they want to learn. When I started to study my dreams I wanted very much to discover this part too. I never looked for popular dream interpretations, because I understood that they were subjective and baseless. Of course, one may find some remarkable translations of the dreams' symbols that really correspond to their real meaning because they are the result of observation of many people.

Let's suppose that some people from a village care about their dreams and that each time that someone in the village sees a certain object in their dream, something terrible happens to the village. Then they relate that object as a sign of bad luck. This way, many popular interpretations are valid. However, we never know if these popular interpretations are really the result of many years of observation and the result of the comparison of many dreams and many similar facts or events, or if they are just someone's opinion.

So, we cannot trust these interpretations, even though some of them can be really helpful, if they are really the result of the observation of many people and the comparison of many dreams and facts related to them, because this is the way that a scientist discovers the symbolic meaning of a dream. This study when done by a scientist is very serious; it's not the result of two or three comparisons. A scientist has to give us explanations. He cannot just say that this thing means that and expect us to accept his statement as if it were undoubtedly true.

Many psychologists and psychiatrists tried to translate the strange language of dreams, but until today, nobody knows for sure who discovered the truth. Some people believe that one of them is right, whereas some follow another one, and some don't give any importance to their dreams. Dream interpretation is not something that we could specifically define and it's not something that people consider important. Most people usually completely despise the dreams they see when they sleep.

So, it is an obscure matter.

I couldn't accept this situation though and I studied the dreams intensely, searching for the correct interpretation until I found it. Today we know for sure which is the exact translation of the symbolic language of our dreams, which I have proved like a scientist in my scientific ebook about this subject, continuing the research made by the famed psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung, who really discovered the exact translation for the dreams' symbols!

However, Carl Jung's method is very complicated, and he can scarcely be understood. Besides, he accepts ignorance in the end of his trip inside the human psyche, while I had indications from the unconscious that produces the dreams showing me that I should continue the research beyond the point where Jung accepted ignorance and stopped it.

My discoveries were amazing, so amazing that nobody believed me when I started telling everyone what I found inside the human psychic sphere. That's why I had to write a book, explaining to everyone what exactly is hidden in the human psychic sphere, after explaining them how we can translate the exact symbolic meaning of our dreams.

I greatly simplified Jung's complicated method, discovering for myself many meanings he could not find. Moreover, I realized that our dreams are more than very important, because they can cure us from the craziness we inherit in our psychic sphere. They can show us anything and help us solve any problem!

It's also true that we can predict the future interpreting our dreams, but the visions we see are not about the things we desire to see, they are very serious. We see dreams with visions only when they'll help us understand something very important or when they'll help us avoid a big danger. It's not true that we cannot change our destiny if we can predict that something bad is going to happen to us. If we follow the wise guidance the unconscious mind gives us in our dreams, we can certainly avoid what is bad and find the path that will lead us to peace and psychic health.

Christina Sponias


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